multi disciplinary creative graphic designer

Hi, my name is Andrea Pettirossi. I am a multi-disciplinary and versatile creative graphic designer & consultant. I work as a freelance for clients from any kind of business category and industry, privates and institutions, as well as employed in design companies, advertising agencies and magazines.

I am specialised in the fields of corporate identity, logo design and branding, web design, motion graphics and animations, graphic design for the professional printing with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing creative ideas for businesses such as logos, websites, banners, letterhead, business cards, videos, packagings, printed materials of various type, billboards and more.


Creativity, Integration, Consistency... and a lot of Passion!

Logo & Brand Identity

Concept and design of all elements that form the perceived image of a brand.

Printed Materials

Creative design of any kind of ommunication on-line and off-line.

Web Design

Personilized creative design of websites and landing pages with Content Management System.

Video & Multimedia

Promotional videos, Motion graphics, video presentations.

3D design

Photorealistic renderings of product mock-ups, interior design, landscapes.

Production managing

Don't waste your time in the production process. Let me manage it for you.



I believe that quality is the one article of trade which cannot be compromised and this is clearly seen in my work, giving my clients the satisfaction they deserve.
Don’t just take my word for it, try me!

My objective is to serve unique people like Yourself and businesses across the world. I give my clients the most superior and cost efficient solutions in this vastly competitive market.

Giulio Rapetti in arte Mogol

Andrea really understands what we wanted on a whole new level. Not only he suggested solutions that we didn’t thought about but when came with the result of his creativity we said: Yeah! That’s exactly what we were looking for!

Mogol & Daniela Gimmelli CET. Centro Europeo di Toscolano
Customer Testimonails

I was searching for a designer but with Andrea I found even more. I only gave him some inputs and he developed the entire identity of our brand covering with talent and professionalism every aspect of the communication process, taking care not only of the creativity but also the communication strategy of our projects. He was also able to manage all the resources involved in the process.

Franz Inselkammer - Manager Inovum IT Solutions SL